The next generation in body mounted camera stabilisation has arrived.


MK-V Modular Systems has designed a system to enable the operator to switch from high mode to low mode instantaneously. The AR-Revolution (Auto-levelling Revolution) See



So what can it do?


The AR can perform smooth tracking shots just like a traditional Steadicam. However, unlike a Steadicam, the AR's auto-levelling systemallows the camera to move from high mode (up to about 8 foot high) to low mode (ground level) as quickly as the operator can humanly flip the rig. All this while tracking during the one shot and maintaining a level horizon (or any other preset angle).


Because the rig no longer needs to be kept vertical, the camera can now travel sideways, over and under objects. If you can think of a shot angle, the AR can probably get it. Of course this creates other advantages as the rig can now be used in less than ideal situations such as wind without the need for gyros like a regular steadicam.


Camera Compatibility


The AR can be used with a variety of cameras, from smaller HD cameras through to the 35mm Panavision Millennium XL and ARRI Alexa. Although the AR works fine with most cameras, the lighter the camera, the more reach you can achieve with the post extended, allowing for greater creativity in shot design. size.


What advantages does the AR bring to real world situations?








Overall, the AR is an amazing piece of equipment, it should be thought of as a NEW tool, used to move the camera in a way never before possible. With time it will be a standard tool and a must throughout the industry.