Adrenochrome has an ever expanding range of equipment available for hire. Far too much to list. Here are some of the main highlights.

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MK-V Nexus Stabiliser Sled

The flagship sled of the MK-V steadicam stabiliser range the Nexus is a fully modular design ready for the modern film and digital market and is the core of the MK-V AR Revolution system. Available with 2 stage 1.5" or 2 and 4 stage 2" centre posts / gimbals and combined with MK-V's latest V4 electronics with multiple HD-SDI lines this extremely rigid sled is ready for anything from DSLR to full 3D camera packages.


MK-V Evolution Stabiliser Sled

With the same strength and rigidity as the MK-V Nexus this fully modular sled comes with the MK-V V2 electronics as standard but can be supplied with the V4 system on request. The heart of the MK-V Evolution system is the base frame allowing for mounting of user changeable battery modules along with various optional accessories such as gyros.


MK-V Light Stabiliser Sled

With a 1.5" carbon fibre post and Genesis gimbal the MK-V Light takes full advantage of the MK-V modular design to cut this sled's wieght down to a bare bones. While not compromising on strength this system perfect for running shots, lightweight DSLR camera packages or those long days in outside broadcast situations.


MK-V AR Revolution

The Auto-leveling Revolution (AR) combined with the MK-V Nexus gives operators the ability to shoot from ground level to 8 feet, and automatically change modes in less than a second while stabilising the camera and monitor. Allowing operators unique ways of creating shots that were once impossible the AR is allowing directors a whole new way of moving the camera to tell the story. Let your imagination run free with the AR Revolution.


GPI Pro Titan Arm

With a proven 20 year track record in the field the GPI Pro Titan is truly the gold standard in stabiliser arm technology. Available with the full 8 spring canister set (4 blue + 4 black) it is also available with the new grey canisters (when hardmounted) extending the lift capacity range to 13-82 pounds.


GPI Pro Atlas Arm

The little brother of the Titan the GPI Pro Atlas stabiliser arm is designed to be lighter than its big brother without compromising on strength or build quality. Carrying 2 spring canisters instead of 4 it has a carrying capacity of 13-45 pounds.


High Definition Daylight Monitors

The Transvideo 3DCineMonitorHD6 SBL Evolution with 1000nits display has dual HD-SDI inputs capable of displaying any standard or 3D digital signal along with inbuilt waveforms, histogram and vectorscope in full daylight. The Gen1 Cinetronic 7" 1500nits daylight monitor was designed specifically with steadicam in mind and is capable of full viewability in the harshest lighting conditions.


Standard Definition Daylight Monitors

We have available a range of SD daylight viewable monitors including the MK-V Hummingbird 6.5" transflective monitor, the Transvideo RainbowII 6.5" 900nits Superbright and the Glidecam LP7-Pro lightweight LCD.


Klassen Universal Backmount Vest

Handcrafted from carbon fibre the Walter Klassen Universal Backmount Vest is a must for those long days or heavy camera payloads. It moves the centre of gravity of your body and sled back towards your core muscles where it belongs rather than outside your body like traditional frontmounted vests. Like walking in a lounge chair this vest is a must when operating the MK-V AR Revoltion.


Klassen Flex Backmount Vest

The latest version of backmounted vests the Walter Klassen Flex is designed to be lighter and more flexible allowing for a greater range of body movement whilst still retaining the strength and support of the original. Perfect for those longer days or running shots.


Steadicam Ultra Front Mounted Vest

The Steadicam Ultra Frontmount Vest was the top of the line vest from Tiffen. It is extremely adjustable, able to fit almost any body type and along with it's low profile is ideal for obtaining those tricky shots in tight spaces.


Kenyon KS-6 Gyros

The Kenyon Laboratories Gyros are for use with long lenses, in high winds and or during vehicle / boat mounting, or any shot that needs to be totally solid. 2x KS-6 Gyros offer a very stable platform in X and Y-axis, and will stabilise any camera. The gyros can easily be mounted to the base system is around a minute. Please note gyros have a run up time of 10 minutes and may draw some comments from the sound department as all gyros are quite noisy.


Handsfree Transporter Steadiseg Segway

The Handsfree Transporter Steadiseg is a modified Segway system, converted so you do not have to hold onto anything; therefore you are free to shoot from this mobile platform, either hard or soft mounted, handheld, or Easyrig at speeds up to 20kmph. This pedal version uses the original design of Segway and you control the steering with your feet and comes with the Klassen Hardmount System.


Klassen Steadicam Hardmount

The Walter Klassen Vehicle Mount allows a Steadicam rig to be mounted to nearly anything using either the included Mitchell plate or Manfrotto clamp and has eight possible mounting angles. It is one of the only mounts that has a tilting socket block allowing up to 40° of adjustment.


Preston FIZ2 Remote Focus System



Boxx Meridian Wireless Transmitter/Receiver

The Boxx Meridian wireless microwave broadcast system is designed for high quality, uncompressed zero delay HD and SD live transmission, where extremely low latency is essential. It can be used for a variety of applications including large screen presentations, award ceremonies and live broadcast events using licence exempt channels and offers secure encrypted transmissions.


Boxx Meridian Broadcast Receiver

The Boxx Meridian Broadcast Receiver is ideal for multi-camera production, sporting arenas, stage and studio productions, and live-to-air broadcasts. Meridian Broadcast Receivers use an array of 5 receive antennas for true diversity to enhance performance and reliability.


Boxx Airpaint Wireless Camera Control

The Boxx Airpaint full telemetry solution utilises the Sony manufacturer’s original RCP (remote control panel). This bi-directional system provides the operator with full RC functionality (as on a hard wired camera), including displaying F-stop and pedestal levels.


Boxx Tallis Lens Control w/ Tally

The Boxx Tallis system is a simple, effective stand alone tally and iris control system for broadcast cameras by controlling the lens directly via the 12-pin cable. The system provides a simple iris control solution without extra paint features such as black level and red/blue gain.


Lectrosonics IFB - In Ear Foldback - Block 20

The Lectrosonics IFBT4 UHF transmitter was designed for use in broadcast, motion picture, theater, and stage applications where extended operating range and high quality audio are essential. The IFBT4 can be used as a stand-alone device or patched directly into popular intercom systems.


Lectrosonics UCR411a Audio TX/RX - Block 26

The UCR411A receiver provides professional performance and a versatile feature set in a compact design for field and location production.