Adrenochrome has a number of preferred suppliers and industry information sources. You can find some of them online here.

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MK-V Modular Systems

With the modular design of their flagship Nexus sled the creators of the Omega AR Revolution, MK-V are true world leaders in "steadicam" stabiliser sled design. After using and owning all of the top designs steadicam operator Martin Stacey recommends MK-V Modular Systems for all levels of production.


GPI Pro Systems

With a proven track record in the field, GPI Pro Systems have produced the gold standard in stabiliser arm technology for almost 20 years with the Titan arm and now with its new baby brother, the Atlas. Adrenochrome has these available with a full 10 spring canister set (4 blue, 4 black + 2 grey).


Xtended Camera Support (XCS)

One of the true innovators Greg Bubb created XCS Xtended Camera Support to provide the highest possible quality components and set industry standards that can only be admired by most.


Baer-Bel Camtec

Based in Germany Baer-Bel Camtec are manufacturers of some of the finest specialist parts for Steadicam® Operators the world over.


Betz Tools

Betz Tools is owned and operated by legendary designer Christian Betz who is known throughout the industry as the former chief design engineer for Chrosziel. A true genius and innovator.


Steadicam by Tiffen

Once owned by industry pioneers Cinema Products the tradition of the original Steadicam® brand is continued by Tiffen still utilising the design skills of steadicam inventor Garrett Brown.



Based in Melbourne, Australia Steadyrig is best known for its battery hanger upgrades for the Pro 1 & 2 rigs as well as their bulletproof updated version on the original Cinema Products 3A arm known as the "Silver Spring".


Jerry Hill Products

Jerry Hill Products are recognised as some of the finest Steadicam products worldwide. Virtually every Steadicam operator today uses Hill products at some point in their career.


Transvideo Monitors

Transvideo have been building lcd displays for the film industry for years and have become the standard against which all other monitors are measured.


Walter Klassen FX

Walter Klassen FX has been producing high end equipment and props for the film industry for years. For more than 15 of those years they have hand produced hundreds of backmounted vests and support systems using truly top notch craftmanship.


Kenyon Laboratories

The Kenyon Gyro camera stabilizer has been a proven device for more than 50 years and used throughout the movie & broadcast industry, NASA, National Geographic, the military, FBI, the police, just to name a few!


Handsfree Transporter Steadiseg Segway

A dolly without tracks. Wherever you want—whenever you want. The Steadicam® Segway® is instantly available to create anything from a subtle perspective change to a dramatic traveling shot.


Preston Cinema Systems

Preston Cinema Systems has been providing innovative camera and lens control systems for over 30 years and is truly regarded as the industry standard.


Hocus Products

Producers of the Axis 1, Hocus Products have been sold to more than 40 countries world wide and has been used in a enormous variety of applications from feature films to sporting and documentary productions. Top DOP Vincent LaForet says "This is clearly the single best wireless focus I have used in terms of performance and price. The build quality is flawless, the unit is plug and play and calibrates in under 5 seconds."


cmotion Lens Control Systems

cmotion is committed to offering the ultimate experience in wireless lens, camera and 3D rig control systems using best of technology, design, ergonomic tools and quality.


BarTech Engineering

BarTech Engineering was founded in 1997 by Jim Bartell, the former head of Electrical Engineering for Cinema Products Corporation. The Bartech Focus Device "BFD" is arguably the most commonly used single channel focus system in the world.


G-Zoom for Steadicam

G-Zoom manufacture a custom fitted gimbal mounted zoom/focus demand/controller for broadcast lenses along with analog focus motor controllers.


Heden Engineering

Award winning focus motor design has Heden Engineering regarded as one of the premiere lens control manufacturers in the world of film and television.



The Boxx Meridian wireless microwave broadcast system is designed for high quality, uncompressed zero delay HD and SD live transmission, where extremely low latency is essential. The standard by which all other low latency systems are compared.



Lectrosonics is well respected within the film, broadcast, and theater technical communities since 1971. Lectrosonics wireless microphone systems and audio processing products are used daily in mission-critical applications by audio engineers familiar with the company's dedication to quality, customer service and innovation.


Garrett Brown

Garrett Brown is best known as the Oscar-winning inventor of the Steadicam™. He has shot with it on nearly 100 movies including Rocky, The Shining and Return of the Jedi and holds over 50 patents worldwide for various devices.



Known as the "friendly forum" this older forum has been recently resurrected as a place where experienced and "newbie" operators alike can discuss all things steadicam


Steadicam Forum

This international online forum has a wealth of knowledge from operators young and old. Please remember to use the search function before asking questions. Most things have been answered many times in the past.


Steadishots is a site where the skills of the men and women responsible for some of the most memorable shots in television and cinema history are put on display and is a study of filmmaking on an individual shot level, focusing on the field of Steadicam operation.


Steadicam Operators Association

The Steadicam Operators Association (SOA) was formed by Garrett Brown,the inventor of the Steadicam, and Nicola Pecorini in 1988 to connect skilled Steadicam Operators with motion picture directors and producers.